To Martín, a fourty-five year old blind man, his world crumbles when he's told that Pluto, his last years  guide dog and faithful friend, passed away.
Martín Enrique Villén
Veterinary Manuel Galiana
Doorwoman Lourdes Bartolomé
Joel Joel Guillén
Veterinary Assitant Jorge Roelas
Nurse Olaya Menéndez
Pluto Buddy
Directed by Salvador Gómez Cuenca
Produced by Enrique Villén / José Luis Garci
Scriptted by Salvador Gómez Cuenca
Art direction by Gil Parrondo
Original music by Pablo Cervantes
Cinematography by Andrés Berenguer (AEC)
Production design by Juan Carmona / José A. Sánchez
Film editing by Antonio Gómez Escalonilla
Sound recorded by Miguel Rejas
Camera operator Ricardo Navarrete
Set Decoration by Julián Mateos
Costume Design by Lourdes de Orduña
Makeup artist Laura Romero
Best short film XXI Premios Goya
Award Festival Cineo 2006
Best actor IV Festival Dafne
A short film produced by
Bisojo Interpretaciones S.L.U. / Nickel Odeon Dos, S.A.
Technical specifications
Short film recorded in Madrid on color negative film (35mm). Kodak & Fuji, ARRI 235 camera, Dolby Digital sound, processsed in Technicolor lab. Runtime: 12 min.
Short film
Making off

Sole makes dinner for her husband Bernardo and her son Martín. That night is like any other ordinary one but her son brings news when he comes back from work that break the peaceful routine. Martín, 30+ old comes back home and tries to tell his parents that he is a definitive employee at the company and that Blanca, his girlfriend, and himslef have decided finally to become independent. She has already told her parents and pressures Martín to do the same with his wich succeeds with a lot of effort. Their parents are thrilled and understanding, but they are stoned when Martín informes them that the moving will be the next day. Martín hasn't told them the most important thing, something that will change their lives completely.
Martín Miguel Ángel Muñoz
Sole Gracia Olayo
Bernardo Enrique Villén
Bernardo's mother María José Hernández
Directed by Luis Soravilla
Based on an Original Idea from Enrique Villén
Scriptted by Luis Soravilla / Fele Pastor
Art direction by Javi Crespo
Original music by Pablo Cervantes
Cinematography by Javier Palacios
Production design by Fele Pastor
Film editing by Luis Soravilla / Deluxe
Sound recorded by Charly Schmukler
Camera operators Enrique Fernández / Roberto Papí
Set construction by GIP
Makeup artist Pepe Quetglas
Hair stylist Blanca Sánchez
Nominated for Best short film XXV Premios Goya
RTVV Award for Best short film VII Festival de Cine de Alicante
RTVV Award for Director VII Festival de Cine de Alicante
A short film produced by
Made & Make / Bisojo Interpretaciones S.L.U. / Start Design
Technical specifications
Short film recorded in Ciudad de la Luz (Alicante), on HD formatkinescoped to 35 mm film. Runtime: 12 min.
Short film
Making off
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